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20 Year Bi Fold Door Guarantee

Industry leading 20 year guarantee, no one else is offering this. Protect your investment with Origin's 20 year no quibble guarantee. We have selected the Origin doors for many reasons and are pleased to be able to offer our customers this level of piece of mind.

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Finger Safe Bi Fold Door Gaskets

The joints between every Easifold door panel have a special safety feature which stops fingers, particularly children’s little fingers, getting trapped.

Our unique interlocking joint gasket is made from a flexible thermoplastic elastomer and shaped so that even when the doors are fully open there is no gap for unwary fingers to get caught in. Thanks to its precision design, even as the door closes there are no exposed sharp edges to cause injury and absolutely no chance of trapping a finger.

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Superior Thermal efficiency

Our Bi Fold Doors are designed to maintain a stable temperature. When closed, their very low level of heat transfer will help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our doors exceed current building regulations L1 and L2.

A recent test of an Easifold door with 24mm double glazing by the British Fenestration Rating Council determined a U value (a measure of thermal transmittance) of only 1.67. The test was carried out in line with ISO 10077-2.

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Safe and Secure Bi Fold Doors

Our Bi Fold Doors have enhanced security measures in line with the “Secured By Design” standards established by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Every lead door panel has a five point locking system with 25mm projection hooks, full height faceplate and adjustable keep. Individual door panels are joined by three adjustable high security hinges. Anti-drill locks and shoot bolt intermediate locking complete our industry leading protection.

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Very Low Maintenance Bi Fold Doors

The high performance materials of an Easifold door need only the smallest amount of care to keep them looking brand new and working perfectly.

Just wiping down the powder coated frames with soapy water occasionally, applying a silicon spray to the rubberised gaskets once a year and lubricating the locks and hinges twice a year is all that is needed.

The free glide opening system requires no maintenance other than using a vacuum cleaner once a week to keep the track debris free during the months the doors are used.

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Low Thresholds

The base track of an Easifold frame can be sunk into the floor to minimise trip hazards.

Dependent upon the floor material and the floor levels of the spaces on either side of the Easifold door, an exposed lip height as small as 12mm can be achieved thanks to our special enclosed base track design.

Even if it is not possible to sink the base track into the floor, a very low weather proof lip height of 66mm can still be achieved.

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Free Glide Bi Fold Door System

Easifold doors open so easily because of our unique free glide roller carriage.

The bottom of each door section has its own long wheelbase solid aluminium carriage with four wheels that run inside a low threshold base track. Each wheel is a small work of engineering art. We use nylon type 6-6 for our wheels, a resilient high melting point material that resists degradation due to heat and friction. Each nylon wheel spins around a 6mm hardened stainless steel shaft on its own set of needle bearings along a stainless steel track.

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Our Bi Fold Doors are Designed and Manufactured in Great Britain

Every Easifold door is crafted at the High Wycombe factory.

We believe that people like us recognise superior quality. We know that they want to own and experience a premium product. We’re sure that they care where and how the things that shape their life are made. We understand that sharing in excellence is life enhancing.

That’s why every Easifold door is made at Origin's state of the art factory. Their skilled craftsmen take pride in creating the best sliding folding doors on the market.

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